New Beginnings

Autumn is a time of year that symbolizes transition, change & letting go; preparations are being made for the long winter months that lie ahead.

Tailfeather Designs has been experiencing many exciting changes as we have begun to wind down from an amazing summer. This year we launched our latest “Energy” collection, we participated in our 3rd year at our weekly farmers market “Arts In The Plaza” in Long Beach, NY, and we attended two incredible D&A shows in LA & New York City. While wintertime is typically a time to slowdown, here at Tailfeathers we are anticipating quite the opposite with our latest project. This recent project is why & how you are reading this right now... the launch of our brand new website!

Tailfeather Designs has outgrown our old site & with sale demands continually increasing, we knew it was time to revamp our online presence. We are proud to present to you our brand new site that not only features all our pieces with a brighter & cleaner presentation but one that allows for easy online purchasing. You see something you like?? {ok, let’s be real, you see multiple things you LOVE}... simple - in a matter of clicks those pieces will be all yours!

We are beyond excited to share our treasured and timeless creations with the world. Our new website will enable us to reach a further audience, thus spreading the gift of Tailfeather Designs to people & places beyond our wildest imagination.

With love and never ending creativity,

The Tailfeather Family

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