Liat Cohen, Founder & Designer

Born and raised in NYC, Liat’s gypsy soul compelled her to travel around the world for many years where she was deeply influenced by the cultural jewelry she discovered along the way. Submersing herself in Brazil, Costa Rica, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Maui, and Venice Beach, Liat integrated their eclectic styles into a collection all her own and inspired the creation of Tailfeather Designs.

Our Mission

In ancient cultures, jewelry was not meant to serve as an accessory to beautify, but more significantly, as an ornament that brought good fortune, love, and protection to the wearer. Tailfeather Designs originates from this tradition and aims to be more than just a mesmerizing article of jewelry. Designed to take us back to our tribal roots, each piece in the collection has a story to tell, while bringing out the graceful and elegant goddess in all of us. 

What Sets Us Apart

The careful process of handcrafting each Tailfeather Designs piece involves a few intentional steps:

  • All materials are sourced from the highest quality producer and each handcrafted piece tells a story that carries with it love and many blessings.
  • Sage, sweetgrass and/or Palo Santo are used to infuse even more blessings, love and gratitude into the jewelry before it is packaged and sold. 

Our intention behind Tailfeather Designs is that all these blessings be carried inside the jewelry and onto the person wearing it. In the original spirit of gift-giving, this is our gift to you.